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Pick Your Digital Poison


What options does one have today to access fair, dignified, non-exploitative work in the arts and technology sectors?

  • Hit up one of the Big Tech Corps and participate in the technocapitalist world exploitation?

  • Join (or found) a Hip Startup™, and fight with others to death while groveling for venture capital?

  • Join academia and climb up the ranks of the prestige economy for less than minimum wage?


Ownership and Democracy is Our Solution 


We are a software and digital media services co-operative that refuses to succumb to despair and creates an alternative model for accessing digital products and services. We offer our members a community, a physical space, and most importantly, a share of the collective profits. As a co-operative, we bring together values-aligned clients, talented workers, and socially-minded investors to make the decisions they want to see get made.

One member one vote, regardless of capital.


Join The Movement

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As a Client

  • Access our interdisciplinary pool of talent at prices that won’t exploit you or the workers

  • Have your voice heard and consulted with every step of the way

  • Get support going through digital transformation

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As a Worker

  • Access the big contracts you’ve always dreamed of through the collective power of the Eyemole network

  • Enjoy the stability of full-time employment while maintaining the flexibility of freelancing

  • Feel the warm fuzzies that come with being part of a community of chaotic good cooperators

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As an Investor

  • Get a guaranteed return on your investment and a share of the collective profits

  • Sleep safe at night knowing that as a co-op, we are twice as likely to survive the first 5 years of operation (we’re in Year 1)

  • Invest in something meaningful and feel the impact of your investment with every ill-advised purchase the co-op makes