Our Vision and Mission

Collective, Democratic, Fair



Eyemole is a space for experimentation in art and technology. The arts and technology are two key sites for the reproduction of our capitalist order--from the expectation that artists work for free to the installation of a foosball table at your local startup to keep technologists feeding at the trough of venture capital--to say nothing of the major threat we see from escalating inequality in our economies. We simply don’t think that existing mechanisms for sharing the wealth created by our hands, minds, and hearts can address this threat for us.

With all this in mind, we’re committed to creating value for customers and clients through our work, distributing the fruits of the wealth generated by this work equitably among our members, and offering a potential model for others who wish for a fairer economy and society.


Eyemole supports the development of our members’ artistic, technical and business abilities. We bring together people and resources to create collectively owned and democratically managed digital platforms. We provide high quality digital media and other services to like-minded cooperators.


What is a Cooperative?

Democratically Owned by the workers


Eyemole is a multi-stake holder cooperative, meaning that it is democratically owned and controlled by its workers, investors, and customers.

The people in the cooperative either hold labor shares, or investor shares, or both.  These shares count for the equity of the cooperative, essentially the employees are part owners.

These shares allow the members to vote on the direction of the cooperative (one-member one-vote). This model allows everyone an equal say.

Labor shares are given to employees who provide a qualifying contribution to the cooperative. The criteria for these contributions are determined by the cooperative, but in essence, are awarded if an employee provides value to the cooperative.


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