Brain-Computer Interfaces

Using Electroencephalogram (EEG) and Virtual Reality, our projects connect your brain waves to interface with technology


Virtual Brain Internet

Real-time internet-based Virtual Reality using EEG data in WebVR. Explore the full experience (link)


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...because dating is a minefield

This project allows you to swipe on Tinder using your mind. By linking an EEG headset to the Tinder API, our tool allows you to swipe left or right based on your brain response to profiles on your Tinder.


Media Coverage:

Review: Too Queer, a Bi Visibility Cabaret


Sound of Emotions

A time series sonification project transforms EEG recordings of emotional experiences into music. Built upon work done by Chuck Anderson at CSU. (link)



Localized Auralization

Turn real-time EEG data into spatially localized sound within a Virtual Reality environment, explore with an HTC Vive



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