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Join The Movement

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As a Client

  • Access our interdisciplinary pool of talent at prices that won’t exploit you or the workers

  • Have your voice heard and consulted with every step of the way

  • Get support going through digital transformation

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As a Worker

  • Access the big contracts you’ve always dreamed of through the collective power of the Eyemole network

  • Enjoy the stability of full-time employment while maintaining the flexibility of freelancing

  • Feel the warm fuzzies that come with being part of a community of chaotic good cooperators

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As an Investor

  • Get a guaranteed return on your investment and a share of the collective profits

  • Sleep safe at night knowing that as a co-op, we are twice as likely to survive the first 5 years of operation (we’re in Year 1)

  • Invest in something meaningful and feel the impact of your investment with every ill-advised purchase the co-op makes

Join the network

Our Newsletter offers updates on our projects, resources on the cooperative movement, and curated content at the intersection of art and technology. You will be informed on how to get involved in Eyemole and upending the apathetic capitalist order.