Because of the diversity of skills and people at Eyemole, we have multiple projects that have nothing to do with each other running at the same time. Here’s a (non-conclusive) list:


Cooperative Management Tools (CoopTools for short, CoTo for even shorter) is automated management software created by a co-operative, for co-operatives.

Meant to automate and simplify the functioning of any co-op transitioning into the technological era, its modules include resource management, financials and membership tracking, share distribution, among others. Learn more here.


Augmented reality streetwear

EARS is a platform for customizable Augmented Reality clothing, currently in the form of streetwear designed in-house. Using the platform, users will be able to create and upload 3D designs onto a selection of clothing items, such as shirts and hoodies.

The designs will be visible in Augmented Reality as interactive characters to anyone looking at the wearer through a companion app. Learn more here.